Total Transformation Package

Make Giant Leaps Forward in Every Aspect of Your Life

This programme is for you if you have several areas you’d like to address and don’t know where to start. Often we don’t have problems in isolation. Are you ready for a total overhaul? 

  • Maybe you are suffering from low self-confidence and hate your job and would like to start dating again after a breakup?
  • Maybe you have poor body image, would like to shift those old self-destructive patterns around eating and lifestyle and tackle your anxiety?
  • Perhaps you feel utterly stuck in a rut with your life and don’t know what you want exactly but want to feel different and get in a position to make big changes in your life?

We’ll take the time to identify all that is standing in your way of moving forward and having the life you want. This programme provides the space to look at the roots of problems as well as giving you tools to evoke change – a powerful combination indeed. I will gently guide you step by step

You’ll benefit from all my experience and knowledge I’ve gained through working with clients and what I’ve learned on my personal journey. I want you to have the life you want and deserve. I want you to feel great about yourself. I want you to reach your full potential. I want you to be able to lay to rest the old stuff getting in the way of you moving forward.

This programme isn’t for the faint-hearted. You will need to be committed to becoming the best you and if you are then I guarantee you’ll feel amazing at the end of this experience. Sure, there’ll be some snot and tears along the way, but it’s all part of the process.

Results you can expect:

• Making big leaps forward in EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE
• Letting go of old patterns, habits and feelings that are holding you back
• Finally getting some clarity on where you are heading
• A surge in confidence and positivity
• Feeling in control and empowered
• Being well on your way to achieving big life goals – maybe it’s a new career, a new relationship, moving country, whatever you dream of!
• Re discovering purpose and meaning in your life ( or maybe discovering it for the first time)

If you would like to get these results yourself, and overcome stress once and for all then this program is for you.

What’s included in this programme:

• 12 x in person sessions of 55 minutes over 4 months
• 5 x 20minute calls
• Text and email support in between sessions
• 2 bespoke audio recordings to support your progress
• Written homework and exercises to take home to deepen the shift
• Recommended reading

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”
– Rumi

If you’re ready to overcome your low self confidence, become the best version of yourself, and live a more fulfilled life – click here to book a free phone consultation now!


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