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Masterclass beachHow to take control over your eating and lose weight permanently

Weight loss is a complex issue. For some people it seems so easy but for others it can seem like a lifelong battle. Trying a new diet and losing a stone only to resume the old eating patterns and put it all back on again ( and then some!).  Does this sound familiar?

Would you like to learn how to lose the excess weight you have long been carrying for good and without dieting?

What if you knew the secret to having control over how much you eat without counting calories and denying yourself? What if you could change your mindset so that you no longer think about food all the time? What if you could stop using food as a comfort and find other, healthier ways to alleviate boredom, feel better about what life throws at you and take back control, feeling better about yourself in the process?

My Weight Management Masterclass may just be the answer you are looking for. I’ve worked with many clients to help them change the way they think and behave around food and I can do the same for you. I’d like to share my techniques and help you be free of that burden forever!

Is this you?

  • Have you tried every diet out there?
  • Lost a stone only to put it back on and then some?
  • Recognise yourself as a comfort or emotional eater?
  • Want to start to take control of your eating once and for all?
  • Want to feel better about your body?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above then despair no longer. This workshop was designed for you.

The reason diets don’t work is that they don’t address the real issue at hand. Most people who are overweight are so because they use food as a coping mechanism. Like cigarettes or alcohol, eating has become a comfort blanket to help us deal with feelings of loneliness, boredom, stress, anger etc. The thing is unlike alcohol or cigarettes we can’t give up eating completely.  True, sustained weight loss is an inside job. In my Weight Management Masterclass I will teach you that the way to stop using food in this way and regain control. So make sure you join…

A 3 hour masterclass to let go of old patterns and kick start your way into long term weight loss and freedom from emotional eating.

Results you can expect:

  • More control over your eating
  • Reduce unhealthy cravings
  • Have a better relationship with food
  • Feel happier about your body
  • Break the yo yo dieting cycle
  • Identify your emotional eating triggers and break the pattern

What to expect on the Masterclass:

I personally screen every member of the group, ensuring a supportive environment in which everyone gets to speak and talk about their personal experiences. Don’t worry if you’re not an outgoing type – no one will make you stand up in front of the class and share your story! This will be a structured workshop in which I will lead you through the exercises and activities which will include:

  • A powerful guided hypnosis to help you manage cravings and change your eating
  • Exercise to give insights into your own triggers and tools to manage them
  • Exercise to release of old, negative patterns
  • A boost of self confidence and motivation
  • A hypnosis recording to take away to ensure the work continues after the class

This is unlike any weight club out there. Through tapping into the subconscious mind and using effective hypnotherapy tools you will be able to implement huge changes that will impact your relationship with food and ultimately your weight. Is this the year you will take control once and for all?

So when and where is the masterclass taking place?


Saturday, 8th April 2017

10am – 1pm


Lopping Hall
189 High Rd
IG10 4LF

Your Investment:

Early Bird Registration: £47 (Full price £77)

(Early bird discount expires 1st March 2017)

To ensure you get the most out of this workshop,  I have limited it to 15 places. Click below to reserve your place now!


About Kate

Kate HoganKate is a Qualified Integrative Therapist specialising in Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. She runs group courses and 1-1 sessions to help her clients overcome lifelong issues with overeating.

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